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Major General (Maj Gen) is a senior rank in the British Army.[1] Since 1996 the highest position within The Royal Marines is the Commandant General Royal Marines who holds the rank of Major General.

A Major General is superior to a Brigadier but subordinate to Lieutenant General. The rank has a NATO rank code of OF-7, equivalent to a Rear-Admiral in the Royal Navy or an Air Vice-Marshal in the Royal Air Force or the air forces of many Commonwealth countries.

The rank insignia is a pip over a crossed sword and baton.

Royal Air Force usageEdit

From the foundation of the Royal Air Force on 1 April 1918 to 31 July 1919, the RAF maintained a rank of major general. The rank insignia was derived from that of a Royal Navy rear-admiral and featured a broad gold stripe on the cuff below one narrow gold stripe. The two stripes were surmounted by an eagle (volant and affronty) under a king's crown. The RAF replaced its rank of major general with the rank of air vice-marshal on the 1 August 1919. The following officers held the rank of major general in the RAF:

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